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missed connections; emergency exit row

You: Lovely infectious laughter, brunette, travelling with your friend. Me: tall chubby red bearded supergeek.

We started laughing about the Chinese gentleman who thought we were waving at him when we were yelling at him to take a step backward, so a young mother could get into her seat next to her child.
We never stopped laughing for the two and a half hour flight. You found it especially funny that I got elbowed in the eye by the flight attendant during the safety demonstration, though you admitted to feeling bad for laughing at my misfortune.
You had been visiting Malta for Easter break with your friend, and was sad to be leaving. I jokingly invited you and your friend to come visit. You accepted (your friend roller her eyes at this).

I don’t know if it was fear or stress at missing my connecting flight, but I never got around to giving you my email address. If you’re out there, I’d like to buy you a cup of coffee sometime.

New York, New York

So … it’s 6.30 AM (cuz, ya know, America). I’ve slept for about five hours. Local time back home is a bit after lunch. I think my internal clock is fucking with me.

But … I’m here in New York. Which is kinda weird. Landed late last night, and didn’t get to the hotel until 10:30 PM. And that after a 7-hour flight, and a full day of work I was kinda bombed and figured that I’d be able to sleep as much as I wanted. Haha! Nope!

But it was so cool watching the skyline when I drove into the city last night. I haven’t been here since ’97, and I have no real memories of the city as such. Only single highlights like running into a classmate on 6th Ave, or the hotel we stayed at.

I’ve also already had my first culture shock. Getting in late, being hungry as hell I walked down the street to a Wendy’s figuring some junk food would be okay right about now. Was asked if I wanted to upgrade the meal to a “large”. Said yes because, again, famished. Large in America is not large. It’s fucking humongous. My arteries were screaming just by looking at the drink (40 oz of Dr. Pepper, for those interested, because, ya know, America).

Also, the hotel (Hudson Hotel) I’m staying at, these first few of days … boy, oh boy. I did not see that coming. First, of all, the room; it’s very nice, clean, modern. It’s also tiny. But it’s got everything you’d need. Nice clean shower, a small desk, and comfy bed.
But the lobby. Wow. That was a “treat”. Basically, the lobby also serves as a kind of bar/nightclub pumping out terrible and loud techno music. I’m not all about that bass. Also, get off my lawn.

Today is a relatively light program. A bit of sightseeing (Museum of Natural History, because dinosaur bones), a bit of shopping (MOAH T-SHIRTS) and so forth.